Thursday, 30 April 2015

Sun Tunnel: A Perfect Choice for Skylight installation

The concept of tubular skylights has been ruling for almost 2 decades, but every so often you may come across many folks that don’t know what they are and have certainly never seen one. So, here goes, in case you aren’t familiar with this thing.
A Sun Tunnel is a tubular skylight and a big departure from traditional skylights for several crucial reasons:

1. The tube runs from your ceiling to your roof through the attic space and can be installed at positions throughout your home that traditional skylights may not be functional. Sun Tunnels can either be rigid or flexible tubes that comes in different diameters. Larger diameters are suitable for larger rooms. Rigid tubes are appropriate for shorter runs and straight runs make for an easier skylight installation in Toronto.

2. One of the common questions people have about Sun Tunnels concerns what they actually look like in the ceiling and on the roof. Skylight installation Toronto work well in so many other places, including kitchens, great rooms, walk in closets, laundry rooms, hallways, garages and so on.

3. Yes, there are several brands of tubular skylights. You definitely get what you pay for as far as the least expensive brands are available at online stores. However, you can pay more than you need to with trusted brands that tend to charge for the extras.
Speaking of the roof, Sun Tunnels can also be installed on tile roof with the help of specialists that ensures quality installation.
Hopefully, this has been a good introduction to Sun Tunnels.

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