Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Things to Consider Before Hiring A Skylight Installation Company

Especially in the winter months, when exterior home improvement projects are slow, you may find many companies offering skylight services, whether it be installation, replacement or repair. Contractors, roofers and handyman may, in fact, have adequate experience with skylights to do the job right every time. But, please do not make the mistake of assuming that. Take your time to determine if the skylight installation company in Toronto you are hiring is proficient in every aspect of skylights, so that nothing about your project is guesswork.

There are literally hundreds of skylight options, fixed units, venting units, electric units, solar units, and types of glass - not to mention hundreds of blind and shade options.

Here are a few questions you should ask to determine if you are working with an expert:

1) What type of skylight is suitable for this project? Deck-mount? Curb-mount? And why?

2) What types of glass is available?

3) Do the skylight installation company in Toronto any warranty on skylights? What is your labor warranty?

5) Ask about all the options, styles, colors and shades of blinds available.

6) What professional credentials do you have? Are you a certified skylight dealer or installer? What training did that require? Do you have a Contractor’s license? Are you insured?

10) Where can I read customer reviews of your skylight work besides your website? Angie’s List? Home Advisor? Others?

Please remember, if your potential contractor is not able to answer all of your questions during your consultation, find someone who can. “I don’t know” or “I will look into that” are warning signs for you. The main reason homeowners have issues with skylights is because of improper installation or workmanship, not a physical defect in the unit.

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